Glasses for every shaped face!

The number one important feature about glasses is that they correct your vision. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t look good too. The shape of your face plays a big role in how your glasses come look.

You always want your frames to scale with the rest of your face. For someone with a large face, a larger pair of glasses will seem much more natural. The same goes for someone with a smaller face.

Here is a list of the most common shapes, but always remember that not everyone fits perfectly into one of these categories.

Round Faces

What are the best glasses for round faces?  Typically narrow frames with sharp, angular curves fit best. People often have success with narrow, square or rectangle shaped frames as they make a rounded faces appear longer and thinner.

Oval Faces

If your face is oval shaped, you have the shape that most people choose glasses for! Those are glasses that are rounded with more length than width. Basically wide frames that will not throw off the natural proportion of your face.

Square Faces

If people tell you that you have a wide forehead, you might just have a square shaped face. What you really want to accomplish is to make your face seem longer, and wide frames will help you accomplish this.

Rectangle Faces

This is when your face is longer than it is wide, but cheek and jaw lines are long, straight, and angular. Here you want to make your face appear shorter and more balanced. Frames with more depth, or vertical height, can help you do this, and a bridge lower on the nose can do this.

Triangle Faces with a Bottom Base

Here your face doesn’t look like a triangle, but its proportions are somewhat similar. You have a narrow forehead, but dimensions get wider near the cheek & jaw lines. Wide frames can balance the face from top to bottom, and many patients go for colored or accented lenses to draw attention toward the top half of the face. Round or square glasses are best here, avoiding thing rimmed or rimless glasses.

Triangle Faces with a Top Base

Faces that become narrow toward the chin really need the opposite, which is a narrow frame. Light colored frames that are wide, but only toward the bottom of the frame can help.

Diamond Faces

This shaped face very uncommon, and comes with many issues. While broad cheekbones, a thin forehead and jaw line is desirable, however it can make shopping for eyeglasses very difficult. To take attention away from the cheekbones, you can go for frames that are bold and wide. Usually rimless, round, or square frames are best.